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10 July 2009 @ 08:24 pm
Amy Dumas talks about the 25-Diva Battle Royal  

Faye: Are you looking to go back to wrestling any time in the near future?
Amy: No, not at all.
Racci: She beat me just yesterday!
Amy: I did, it was just the case of the worms, though! The worms started when I toured with Fifteen, in the nineties, it’s like when it’s about 45-minutes or so before you get to the venue, where you’re just like, “I’ve got to get out of this van!” and you just want to tackle somebody and roll around and scream and stick your head out of the window. [laughs] But, yeah, my priority is definitely not wrestling, and that’s not to say I don’t appreciate where I came from or that I don’t love the experiences that I had on the road or that I don’t love a lot of people on the roster, it’s just that it’s not where my head is, it’s not where my heart is right now.

Faye: Were you invited to take part in the 25-Diva Battle Royal atWrestleMania 25, this year? If so, why did you turn it down?
Amy: Did you see that match?!

Faye: Yeah, it was so bad!
Amy: Right, that’s why I turned it down. [laughs] I did watch it, though. I was dying laughing, I was in stitches, rolling on the couch, thinking, “Thank God, I’m not there, because that is nothing I need to be a part of.” No, first of all, let me tell you this, because Kid Rock was playing for like forever, right? I was like, “Get out of the way, what is this guy doing?! Come on! I didn’t know this guy still sang!” and then, these girls started coming out and I’m thinking they’re like his hoes, his hired dancers, about to break out into some choreographed Beyoncé-S**t, but then I realised and was like, “Oh my God!” I can only imagine them being like, “So, what we’re wanting you to do is: grab Kid Rock’s leg, start grinding up on it, then go into the ring and do a drop toehold.” I’d be like, “Absolutely not, under no circumstances.” So, yeah, that is why I did not do that match.

Lets Say I do agree with her on this!
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